NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of Fulton County, Indiana, that a meeting of the County Council of Fulton County, Indiana, will be held at the County Office Building in Rochester, Indiana, on the 19th day of November, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. to consider the following additional appropriations in excess of the budget for the current year: MVH Other Services & $47,000 Charges Surveyor’s Corner Other Services & $1,500 Perpetuation Fund Charges Taxpayers appearing at the meeting shall have a right to be heard. The additional appropriations as finally made will be referred to the Department of Local Government Finance. The board will make a written determination as to the sufficiency of funds to support the appropriations made within (15) days of receipt of a certified copy of the action taken. ATTEST: CHRISTINA SRIVER FULTON COUNTY AUDITOR hspaxlp