NOTICE TO BIDDERS FOR COUNTY SUPPLIES FOR YEAR 2020 Notice is hereby given by the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County, Indiana that it will receive sealed bids at the office of the Auditor of Fulton County, Fulton County Office Building, 125 East 9th St., Rochester, Indiana, until the hour of 10:30 a.m. EST, November 15, 2019 to furnish the following items as requisitioned by Fulton County Highway Department Supervisor and items as listed to be furnished to other departments of County Government for the period of January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020. Said bids will be opened and read aloud at 10:30 a.m. EST November 15, 2019, in the Fulton County Commissioners Room, Fulton County Office Building, 125 East 9th St., Rochester, IN 46975. Each bid item shall be in a SEPARATE SEALED ENVELOPE All Bidders will be required to attach with all said bids either a certified check payable to the Fulton County Auditor, or a bidder's bond equal to 10 percent (10%) of the total bid. All bidders shall use a separate FULTON COUNTY BID FORM for each item bid. Each bid is to be made in DUPLICATE The Board reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids. All bids must cover quoted amounts or less. The Fulton County Commissioners may award more than one bid for asphalt, gravel and aggregate, due to specific service of geographic areas of the County. All purchases to be made as needed and subject to appropriations by the Fulton County Council. Bidders shall have the right to increase the contract unit price in an amount equal to the bidder's increase in costs of materials and supplies occurring subsequent to the date on which such bid is submitted (hereinafter referred to as “Base date”) to the Board having authority to award contracts. Any increase (or decrease) in the bidder's cost of materials and supplies after the base date shall be determined monthly, and shall be verified by proper documents furnished to the responsible awarding board, which shall include proof of price to the bidder from the bidder's source of supply. Bidder may reserve the right to allocate its product to its customers in a fair and equitable manner, if necessary, due to the reduction of the allocation from the source for mandatory allocation issued by the appropriate agency of the Federal Government. Bidder must state on his bid if said bid is subject to the escalator clause or said bid shall be considered to be firm for the year 2020. FULTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Bryan Lewis Richard Ranstead Steve Metzger ATTEST: Christina Sriver Auditor, Fulton County FULTON COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT COUNTY SUPPLIES ITEM #1 – WASHED STONE & GRAVEL 50,000 tons or less of washed gravel, stone, or screened gravel as needed by the Fulton County Highway Department. Sized 1-73. ITEM #2 – CULVERT PIPE 50,000 feet or less corrugated steel culvert pipe to be manufactured from aluminized Steel Type II to meet AASHTO M-274 or galvanized steel to meet AASHTO M-218. Quote plain and bituminous coated. Galvanized steel shall be 2 gauges heavier than aluminized steel pipe to produce equivalent service life. Quote prices per lineal foot on sizes to include 6 inch to 144 inch span by 11 inch rise up to 115 inch span by 71 inch rise. Drainage items shall be fabricated from copper bearing steel or aluminized steel, the lapped longitudinal seams shall be factory riveted or rolled seamed pipe, structural plate pipe, pipe arches and arches. Quote unit prices per lineal foot on copper bearing steel, galvanized, unassembled and delivered as designated within said county. Pipe arch size to include 6'1” span x 4'7” rise up to 20'7” span x 13'2” rise. Structural plate pipe size to include 60” diameter up to 216” in diameter. Above prices to be quoted firm and net for the year. Quote net unit prices 0i4y. Delivery time and availability of material to be listed and considered as part of the bid. All material must meet all Federal and Indiana State Highway Specifications. OTHER CULVERT AND BRIDGE MATERIAL All bridges or bridge components or alternative to the above to be designed in accordance with current HS 20-44 loading. The design and construction drawings and specifications shall be subject to the approval of the Fulton County Highway Department Supervisor and be provided by the manufacturer. All material and construction shall meet or exceed AASHTO standards and the 1999 Indiana State Highway Specifications. Bidder shall submit unit prices F.O.B. as designated in Fulton, County. Specifications are available from the Fulton County Highway Supervisor. Materials to be included in this line or class are: Treated Bridge Planking, Timber Box Culverts, Panel-Laminated Decks Creosote Pressure-Treated Bridge and Salt Storage Building Package Components, Longitudinal Creosote Pressure-Treated Super Structure Deck Replacement Components, Galvanized Hardware for above. ITEM #3 – COLDMIX PATCHING MATERIAL A. 15,000 tons or less of All Weather Patching Material to meet INDOT Specifications to be furnished at Vendors plant and picked up by County Trucks. B. Plant Rental Quote The Vendor will furnish plant with operator and loader personnel and County Highway will stockpile aggregate at site and furnish Liquid Asphalt into vendor's tanks. Quote price per ton to charge plant. C. 500 Ion or less of QPR 2000 or equivalent #11-#12 patch material ** Note: Sealing Asphalt, Dust Control Products, Hot Asphaltic Concrete Mixes, and Pug Mill Mix will be bid in the spring to get a more current market. hspaxlp